Do you talk about online status updates face-to-face?

I had a bit of a weird conversation recently with someone I hardly know…

X: ‘Are you feeling any better?’

Me: ‘Eh?’

X: ‘I saw on Twitter that you had man flu last week…’

Me: ‘Oh right, yeah, better thanks’.

…cue much paranoia on my part.

For some reason I find it a bit weird when someone mentions face-to-face something I’ve posted online, particularly if I don’t know them very well.

If it’s one of my best mates then fine, but if it’s an ‘acquaintance’ then it almost feels like I’ve got a mini stalker.

‘Jesus, he’s got man flu!’

This also works the other way. To me there’s an unwritten rule that if I don’t know someone that well, I don’t mention face-to-face an online post they’ve made.

I might ‘like’ it, +1, comment, re-tweet, share, or whatever, but I just don’t feel comfortable chatting to them about it.

Admittedly if you post something you should be ready to talk about it, but I generally find ‘online small talk’ about these things much less hassle than ‘real world small talk’.

Maybe I’m just a miserable sod and need to sort of my social network contacts and privacy settings, but I’d be much more comfortable if everyone else did the same.

What do you think?

Would you get freaked out if Barry from the work post room who you ‘added’ or ‘circled’ out of obligation, dropped into conversation where you’d been for dinner last night next time he drops off a delivery?

Would you mind if someone you mutually ‘follow’ for industry news chatted to you about your holiday photos at a conference?

Ironic footnote: Feel free to talk to me about this post.


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