Why subtitles give you a better viewing experience – yes really

You can’t beat a good box set can you?

I watched the brilliant Danish series ‘The Bridge’ recently and really got into it.

It was so good in fact that after the first couple of episodes I didn’t even notice the subtitles any more.

Thinking about it, I reckon it was because of the subtitles that I enjoyed it so much.

‘It must be round here somewhere…’

Because I can’t speak Danish, for me to follow what was going on in such a fast paced story I had to totally immerse myself in it and give the action and the subtitles my full attention.

Had it been in English, I’d probably have been messing around with my phone or laptop while I was watching it like I do when I’m watching pretty much anything else on TV.

I normally just watch bits of most programs and listen to them when I’m concentrating elsewhere to stay up to speed. This only works if they’re in English though.

Subtitled viewing actually helps me relax as I don’t feel I should be doing other stuff at the same time as watching it and can actually forget my phone and laptop for a bit without feeling twitchy.

Exactly the same thing happened a while ago when I went to the Opera (yes, amazingly they let me in). If I hadn’t have been giving the performance’s accompanying surtitles my full attention to help me understand what was going on, I’d have been playing around with my phone during the dull bits when the fatties did their moody solos (yes, I’m a Philistine at heart).

Subtitled stuff seems to be a better viewing experience for me so let me know of any recommendations you have below. I’m going to start with something French and in black and white (it’s not what you think).

NB: I’m now refusing to watch the lazy man’s unsubtitled American remake of ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ on principal.


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